Introducing Elena Makris with our “Get to Know You” Questions

Feb 15, 2018News

As Qobo continues to grow and hire talented new employees, we’d like to introduce our newest hire, Elena Makris, who joins as our Marketing and Support Manager. 

Can you provide a little background on yourself?

Although I was born and raised in Cyprus, I consider myself a New Yorker (!) as I spent 10 of the most formative years of my life in New York City. After graduating from High School in Cyprus, I moved to NY and attended Baruch College of City University of New York. I then began working as a Marketing & Documentation Manager at a software house specialising in general insurance software. I spent two years working from the New York office and the next 8 I continued my tenure from the company’s local office in Cyprus. During this time I split my time between Cyprus and New York servicing US clients and projects.

Through the nineties, I was exposed to project management and business development activities in the Cyprus IT sector, first as an IT consultant at PwC managing technology projects, and then with a small high growth company responsible for the overall marketing strategy, product development and promotion of latest technology solutions.

Following the big growth of the early 2000s I held marketing roles in NCR Corporation and Printec Group, covering value-add solutions for the ATM channel, with regional responsibility in MEA & CEE.

I then pursued a new challenge as Manager of the Cyprus office of Raycap Corporation, which produces electrical surge protection and passive networking materials. I spent almost 5 years at Raycap away from the Information Technology world.

Returning to IT and joining Qobo was a no brainer! So, here I am!

What was it about Qobo that attracted you the most?

There are a few things that I love professionally; inspiration, a challenge, constant learning and being surrounded by great people. When I looked at the opportunity that Qobo offered I saw all of these, plus a chance to help build something new and I would get to work with great people!

Was there a role or a project in your career that you consider your best?

One of the major projects that I was very proud of was the creation of the strategy, branding, web presence and all marketing materials of a new brand, offering innovative and sustainable solutions for dams. When the project started I had very little experience in the Water Management Industry and I worked hard and learned a great deal over the 18-month period of the project.

Where do you envision spending your next vacation?

I would like to be able to spend a few weeks in New York City! Technology is fun, but I also love the buzz of New York! Spending some time being at the centre of the world where everything is happening would be a great way to be empowered!

Do you have a hobby that you enjoy outside work?

My one and only daughter is 9 years old and is always in demand for my undivided attention! Spending time away with her, taking her to New York perhaps, is a life-long dream which I intend to realise at some point before she goes to college! In fact, doing anything together is always a treat, especially as she is in the formative years at the moment, when mommy can do no wrong! I love cooking and baking, watching movies and reading the NY Times!

When I get some quiet time I love to read, and even though I rarely do, I enjoy reading biographies of people who made a difference in the world, like Steve Jobs!

Oh, plus, I really enjoy going out on Saturday night dinners!